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Personalize your Space

Many times I hear people saying that they have an interior designed space, but they don't feel like a cozy home. This is because their space lacks a personal touch to it. The place where you live should feel like a home sweet home. So let's discuss some ideas on how you can do this on your own and make your dream home, even more, a loved place. Also no one knows you, better than you so I insist that you only have to personalize your space.

1. Sparks Joy

Just write it down most important things in your life, Can be people and to depict them you can use photo frames, this adds to design as well as gives a reason to look on to wall and smile. This is really very nice hack for rental houses too.

2. Soft Furnishings

These are most easily changeable and it just splashes color to your place, I also suggest to add some quotes written cushions, as it motivates you, Just go wild mix and match your favorite colors and textures.not only cushions but rugs, throws also play the same role.

3. Go Green

I haven't met a single person who doesn't like plants. It instantly perks up and gives the finishing touch to your space. Plants lend positive vibes to your space. Use broadleaf plants to add instant greenery. Some best indoor plants are Monstera, ZZ plant, rubber plant, spider plant, snake plant, areca palm, Succulents are so in fashion nowadays.

4. Do It Yourself

Add at least one DIY object so that you can relate to it. It can be a simple pot, frame, or letter. Get your favorite quote printed and decorate it. I am sharing some ideas on how you can do this.

If you wish to know even more in detail, click on the link below to access complete videos on personalizing your space.




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