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I am Loving all the New Materials ❤

I am loving all the new materials that are available these days and how they are revolutionising the interior design industry.

Esha Garg

It makes me overwhelmed and sometimes it gets little daunting while selecting material for a new site. The more the types of materials, the more the confusion. It can get to your nerves also while choosing the right material suitable for a project.

Every material can’t go with every other thing. Choosing a material has become more of an art these days. Selecting the right material depends on various factors like the design, the vibe, the budget, and the fact that how one particular material will gel up with other materials on the site.

Now, about these are new furniture coverings, they are used just like veneers, are 5mm thick and should be polished upon application. These sheets have a very natural feel with real knots and grooves. They give a very rough and industrial feel to the design. They are easy to maintain and look very classy at the same time.

So, go ahead, experiment as much as you can and enjoy the process of designing.

You guys can watch my Instagram Reel on this at the link below:

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