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E-Design Service

E-Design service
E-Design service

What is E-Design?

On the surface, E-Design is just what it sounds like— interior design services offered completely online! E-design is a simple, affordable alternative to traditional interior design because the service is performed virtually, cutting out the need for in-person meetings & travel.

Thanks to technology and the digital age, Interior Design services can now be provided without a designer ever even having to set foot in your home. And also, because of this Covid-19 pandemic, people are preferring to avoid meeting people as much as possible. E-design is also typically a much simpler, laid-back process, with a quicker turnaround time than traditional interior design.

Being the pioneer of bringing E-Design Service in India, we at ES Designs leave no stone unturned to provide the best design service to our clients through the optimal use of technology.

All that we need to do is gather as much information as possible from you and this we do through our questionnaire. This helps us in understanding the scope of the project and its goals. Once we gather enough information from the client, we create a beautiful and functional design plan exclusive for you.

E-Design Service Video

E-Design Process



Firstly, you will get a questionnaire after you purchase our service. This is to gather information regarding the status of the project, project requirements, and your design goals.

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Thereafter, we ask you to take measurements and photographs of your space for us to process your design. If needed, we may also gather additional information from you.




Subsequently, we create various space plans, design, and colour concepts, as well as furniture and finish selections, that suit the functional and aesthetic needs of your space.

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Lastly, we gather all our designs, tools, tips, and suggestions into a thorough E-Design Plan that will serve as a complete guide for you to implement the design in your space yourself!

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