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Indigo on my Mind!

Well, this is the entrance of my house and the only inspiration I had was Indigo and white. I am touched by the beauty of these colors. Actually, it has a lot to play with, different materials, different textures and n number of possibilities are possible with the design.

Just to let you know a little about the history of this color "Indigo", will make you a little prouder as an Indian.


Yes, therefore it’s the color of wheel chakra in the Indian flag. The usage of blue dye in India can be traced back to 2000 BCE. It's actually derived from the Neelam plant also called Neeli in Hindi. It's around 10 days process, which involved crushing the soluble Neelam leaves then fermenting and boiling. This process created this beautiful blue dye, which was then powdered and caked for transportation.

Therefore, Chinese pottery and other heritage valued materials have this color as this was the first dye color known to mankind.

Much of history though, but I just wanted you all to know. Because when we know the details we connect more. Now I would like you to enjoy the beautiful usage of this combination I have curated for you.

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