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How to Convert Your Bathroom into a SPA: Handy Rental Friendly Tips

1. Introduce some Flowers and Greenery

Adding some fresh flowers or plants adds too much into the look and feel of a bathroom. It instantly adds color and gives a very rich feel.

2. Adding Some Art

Some very simple art like a quote or a simple gesture can be a big addition to the bathroom. As normally bathrooms are the last place to add art. But if u give attention to details this a great addition.

3. Candles and Scents

Major things we notice at a spa are dim lights and awesome fragrance, you can easily bring these both attributes to your bathroom. Plan a corner that suits for candles and make it a cluster.

4. Similar Jars bring Harmony

Yes, even a simple thing like containers can make you feel different and good. We normally see all multicolored and multi-type of bottles in the bathroom. But if you shift the content in a similar bottle and label it, it brings a huge harmony in the look of the bathroom.

5. Color Coordinate your Towels and Organizers

Similar colored hand towels, face towels, body towels organized in a good way brings good vibes and a spa-like feel.

So go treat yourself with these easy and cost-effective ways to convert your bathroom into a spa,

luxury is for everyone and small things that bring luxury into your life should be certainly done.

Get inspired and try these tips for a luxury experience.

See you next time.



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