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How it all Started..


Having an eye for beautiful things was always my idea for life. So, pursuing interior design was an idea from childhood. Feeling of contentment when you do something creative or even see something creative was the basic feel that helped me know my desire to be in a creative field. Love for colors and nature. I used to find small things in nature very attractive and always caught up my attention.

My father used to travel and always collected magazines like Inside Outside, Home Interiors, etc. and I used to soak in them. I loved the idea of creating beautiful and synchronized spaces. I used to fall in love with a wide range of things, from an Indian corner space as well as a minimalist Japanese garden to Moroccan cutlery. I liked everything beautiful because each style and each set communicated art to me.

So here I am using this platform to share my journey and my love for life which has been a blessing, my love for nature, art, design, D.I.Y.s with my daughter(my new partner). And let's try to see all the beautiful things life and this world has to offer.

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