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Florals: A treat to our eyes.

It was five to six in the morning when just some thoughts scrolled over my mind and I woke up, craving for my morning coffee. Its the smell of the coffee that activates me more than the coffee itself. Seeing beautiful weather outside, I decided to have my cup of beauty outside. There I was moved by this beautiful "Champa" tree, blossoming so well. At this time of fear and uncertainty, a typical "Corona fear" times, somethings are just growing even more beautiful. I feel we humans are the most vulnerable species, we are impacted the most. I hope, when this gloomy times end, we emerge to be more compassionate than before.

Well, going back again to the "Champa" tree, being in a creative field of interior design, first thought I had was, this is why florals are much attractive to us all human, beautiful creation of nature, flowers botanicals are such a treat to our eyes. When we talk about beauty, flowers make their mark, some or the other way.

Here are a few examples of how you can bring this beauty into your interiors to feel the joy out of it.

Signing off for today,


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